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I am a passionate home-birthing midwife providing care throughout the northern Berlin districts. For a hospital delivery, I am also able to use the delivery rooms at the Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum.

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Birth attendance
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Postpartum Care


Every woman is entitled to care by a qualified midwife during pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium (the period up to 12 weeks postpartum) and while breast-feeding. I am here to provide support, care and advice from the very first weeks of pregnancy right through to postpartum, and strongly believe in a woman’s right to make her own birthing choices.

As a midwife, I am qualified to carry out routine check-ups in accordance with German maternity guidelines (including blood tests) and I’m authorised to document these in your official maternity records (“Mutterpass”).

I can carry out all prenatal check-ups and examinations myself (excluding the three routine ultrasounds, which are done by your gynaecologist). Should you prefer a dual approach, check-ups can be alternated between me and your doctor’s surgery.

Appointments are scheduled at regular intervals with plenty of time for talking through any uncertainties, worries or discomforts. I am here to offer my help and advice on any questions concerning pregnancy, birth, birthing location and the first postpartum weeks.

Pregnancy and birth are the most normal, and sacred, of life events. I take my responsibility as a midwife seriously, which at times also means being able to know my own limits and refer pregnant women to other professionals if necessary.

Me or my partners are also trained in traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and taping therapy which we could offer you, if needed.

Midwifery assistance is regulated by law and is paid for by all state and most private health insurance companies (with the exception of the 24/7 on-call midwife service beginning 3 weeks before your due date, which is paid privately).

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Options about where you would like to give birth will depend on your personal needs and risk category. I will be happy to provide you with information and advice to help you to make the right decision for you and your baby. Giving birth at home can be a safe alternative to a hospital birth if your pregnancy is low-risk. See also here.

As an expert in healthy, low-risk births, I view childbirth to be something that, while requiring great strength and effort, is a process which your body is physiologically perfectly capable of handling. My role is to be your trusted companion throughout; supporting you, holding space for you and helping you to believe in your innate strength and ability to give birth. I closely, yet unobtrusively, monitor both mother and baby during labour and birth, and am fully trained to deal with any unforeseen events. One-to-one birthing care provides women with a strong sense of security and has been proven to reduce the need for intervention during birth.

When deciding on a home birth, I first ensure that it is a medically safe option for you and your baby before discussing in detail the type of birth you, the expectant parents, envisage. One of the main advantages of a home birth is remaining in the comfort of your familiar surroundings where you can feel completely relaxed and hence better equipped to work through the contractions. There’s no need to disturb the birthing process by leaving to go to the hospital. And when baby arrives, you are already at home. Where better to enjoy your first moments together? If you would like a water birth at home, I can arrange a birthing pool for you.

Opting for midwife care means that when it comes to giving birth, you and your baby will be cared for by someone you have met before, who knows you and understands what is important to you. Our relationship will have flourished during your pregnancy through our frequent consultations, chats and check-ups.

I work closely with other midwives who support me during births as so-called “second midwives” and who are also able to stand in in case of illness.

Part of my work also includes supporting couples during sad and difficult times. I willingly offer my help with miscarriages and stillbirths. This service is also covered by health insurance companies.

The only additional private cost is the 24/7 on-call service. This enables me to ensure that your midwife is ready and waiting to be by your side as soon as labour begins. Most statutory health insurance companies now contribute to the costs of the midwife on-call service. Please ask me about the details.

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Postpartum Care

Once your baby is born, I will support you throughout the puerperium phase. The first weeks with your baby can be an emotional roller coaster. Although excited to finally meet your baby you may also find it challenging. During this time I will provide guidance on caring for your baby as well as for yourself, and will support and motivate you through difficult situations. I will ensure you are recovering well, both physically and emotionally. Together we will try to identify your needs, as well as those of the baby, and develop individual solutions for your family.

I am here to offer breastfeeding counselling, ensure the uterus returns to its original size, we check up on the growth and overall wellbeing of your baby and provide any advice you may need on baby care.

I also work together with other professional groups, such as breastfeeding consultants and osteopaths, on an interdisciplinary basis.

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  • From the beginning of the pregnancy right through to the end of my recovery (Wochenbett), I always felt reassured by Sandra and Sabine’s competence and experience. I quickly learned to trust them both, I was so grateful for their advice and patience, their natural approach to healing and treatments, and they supported me in such a way that allowed me to learn to trust my own intuition as a new mother. Most importantly, I felt understood.


  • I felt so supported and looked after. Thank you Sabine!


  • Sabine was our midwife in 2022 for the birth of our first child. We quickly built a foundation of trust with her because it was evident that we were in capable hands. Sabine took great care of us before, during and after the birth and did a phenomenal job addressing all of our questions in German and English. We appreciated her passion, her focus on evidence-based medicine and her sense of humor. In case of future pregnancies, we would call her again in a heartbeat. 

    Carolin & Burt

  • Thank you Sabine that I was allowed to experience a self-determined birth. With your expertise and attentive care I felt safe and secure at all times.


  • Thank you for always believing in me and helping to receive my greatest happiness in this world!


  • Thank you Sabine for always making us feel good and confident. Despite all the effort, it was a great experience that I couldn’t have imagined better.


About me

Sabine Seibold

I was born in Nuremberg in 1981 and moved to Berlin during my midwifery training. I have worked as a hospital midwife, a freelance midwife attending hospital births (“Beleghebamme”) and in a birth centre.

I truly value the versatility of my profession. It is a privilege and honour to be allowed to offer my help and support during labour and birth. I look forward to caring for you too.

I work closely with my great colleagues Sandra Schwarz and Vanessa Sepke.

I mainly cover the districts Wedding, Pankow, Reinickendorf, Mitte as well as the northern surroundings of Berlin.



Please note that I only offer pre- and postnatal care if you also plan the birth with me!


April – September 2023

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from October 2023

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